Dong Sing Food Link

Dong Sing Food Link Sdn Bhd

DONG SING FOOD LINK SDN BHD is a company that supplies dim sum, delicate four-season, frozen seafood, and dried seafood.

Our company is located in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. We have 18 year of experience in this field,

supplying our products to frozen retailer shops, Chinese restaurants, steamboat restaurants, and food courts.


Frozen food is known as the easiest and fastest things to prepare for customers.

To maintain your restaurant, it is important to have a long-term relationship with a reliable supplier.

DONG SING FOOD LINK SDN BHD – a leading frozen food provider in Malaysia that offers a wide range of frozen products with excellent quality and great prices.


Here, we are more than a frozen food provider. We also provide the highest quality products and focus on-time delivery.

Our mission is to deliver the best services and products to exceed your needs.


DONG SING FOOD LINK SDN BHD is committed to total customer satisfaction by ensuring that only quality products and good services are delivered to customers.